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SSCEK-CEOI have firm belief that professional educational life is exciting and offers students not only the best courses but a host of opportunities to meet new friends to work in a lively, social environment and above all to become a more mature, confident person. We recognize the importance of the choices and decisions you are now making about your learning and our trained staff are fully committed to supporting you.

If you have any queries, or are unsure about which is the best course for you, please speak to a member of our admission team telephone number (05826-444441 / 0346-5152946) or fill the contact form in Contact Us page.They will be able to explain all the options available and help you to decide which program of study is best suited to your needs and aspirations.

At SIR SYED COLLEGE OF EDUCATION we encourage a friendly but productive atmosphere, allowing you to learn at your own pace whilst enjoying access to a wide range of support services.

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