Welcome to Sir Syed College of Education Kotli

Sir Syed College of Education Kotli (SSCEK) is a private institute located at the heart of city Kotli, Azad Kashmir. It was established in 1 September 1998 with the motivation & vision to provide its services in the field of Education Degree Programmes & Teacher’s Professional courses for the improvement of human work-flow & quality of education. To overcome the requirements of digital era SSCEk also aims to extend its services in Field of Science & Technology. In this regards a project named “SSCEK Tech-House” is going to be established soon. The managing director & Principle of the Sir Syed College of Education Kotli is “Syed Sultan Moqurrab”, who is a retired DEO and a well-known educationalist in the field of education. The degree holders of SSCEK are extending their outstanding performance in national & international forums. SSCEK is having a remarkable curriculum, a scholarly communal of teachers, specialists and constant participation from department of Education & Technology.

Objective & Mission

Sir Syed College of Education Kotli (SSCEK) is determined to produce professionals in Development sciences, Information Technology, Business Sciences, workforce instructors and teachers for Educational Institute & Community. From our dedication to create pioneers in these fields rises our obligation to improve the scientific, social, financial, and cultural resources of the state to provide workable solutions for complex issues.

We aim to provide free motivational lecture (around school, College, University etc.), Student counselling, Skill awareness seminars and IT awareness Program in Azad Kashmir.

To compete the challenge of new digital era, SSCEK is also motivated to start new IT and CS bases short courses, Internships and Degree Programs.


To develop for the Improvement of the Education and training.

To expand the substantive knowledge of students.

To develop an academic methodology that commensurate with the requirements of practical training.

To refine the intellectual abilities of our students to ensure their eligibility for higher education abroad.

To nurture in our students the vision to uphold professionalism with a strong sense of leadership.

And to prepare the students for successful careers in Educational Institutes, National/ Multinational Organizations and for IT Sector.

SSCEK Affilation

For more information about college, Don’t hesitate !!!. You can contact us on the following landline numbers directly:
05826-444 441